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Guanxingwang Ceramics-The founder of elegant and luxurious life

Guanxingwang Ceramics was founded in 1995 and is a founding brand of GuangDong GuanXing Ceramic Enterprise. After 25 years of brand development, Guanxingwang Ceramics already has more than 700 brand stores, with sales outlets all over the country and export business covering Australia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, South Korea and other countries and regions. It is a comprehensive brand with glazed tiles as its core.

Guanxingwang attaches great importance to product design and research and development, and has established long-term strategic cooperation with the three top Italian design companies to jointly develop high-value ceramic tile products with core competitiveness. In terms of intelligent manufacturing, Guanxingwang Ceramics has an 800-acre modern, garden-style, intelligent, environmentally friendly production base in Yuanyuan, Qingyuan, and advanced equipment, intelligent production line, the first ultra-high-dimensional intelligent automated storage system, which is the first ceramic enterprise in the ceramic industry to realize the intelligent and automated production process, leading the industry from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". In terms of raw materials and quality, Guanxingwang has successively joined forces with Spanish raw material giants Torrecid, Esmalglass and Ferro to fully guarantee the quality of the products.

  • 1995

    Began in 1995

  • 25

    Focus on the porcelain industry for 25 years

  • 700+

    700+ brand stores cover the whole country

in Italy

Establish long-term strategic cooperation with 3 top Italian design companies to jointly develop tile products of high appearance level with core competitiveness



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