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  • Join hands with Olympic Champions, transfer the champion positive energy

    Since 2013, Guanxingwang Ceramics has reached a cooperative consensus with world champions Zhao Ruirui, Yang Hao, Wang Liqin, Chen Qi, Zhong Man, and Wang Lin, and has become a guest of honor for Guanxingwang "champion signing" tour signing activity, delivering the pure Foshan ceramics brand and champion positive energy to all parts of the country.

  • Join hands with lion king of the world to drive the marketing wave

    Since 2012, Guanxingwang Ceramics has exclusively launched a series of " Lion dance " activities with strong Chinese style. Through in-depth cooperation with the World Lion King- Foshan Wong Fei-hung dragon lion group, it has launched a series of marketing cooperation at the terminal. Different from the monotony of traditional marketing activities and the impetuosity of star marketing, it has won the praise of consumers while breaking through the sales volume!

  • Channel marketing, exclusive party tour of brand

    Since 2016, Guanxingwang has been the first in the industry to launch a series of party tour that integrate a variety of high-end elements such as site visits to classic factories, classic luxury cars, luxury cruise ships, high-class cuisine, and elegant cocktail parties, actively exploring designers and strategies engineering channels , which achieve seamless connection between the brand and high-quality living people.



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